XYZ Repeatability

Part Location / Repeatability in XYZ

Repeatability in "X" (side to side of vise) is realized by machining the Fixed Jaw Plate and the Sveconek Jaw Plates to match and hold your uniquely shaped parts. The Fixed Jaw Plate dictates its part locations and thus forces the equally machined Sveconek Floating Jaw Plates to follow in line. Repeatability in "X" when using Sveconek Jaw Plates with our integrated step is equal to holding parts using parallels on a conventional vise.

Repeatability in "Y" (spanning length of vise) is as accurate and consistent as the feature you will clamp against to hold the part. Most machined production parts vary within a few tenths therefore, tolerance stack-up and the repeatability of each part in each location with respect to “Y” varies almost immeasurably. Be consistent when machining your “to be clamped” feature and enjoy accurately holding and machining 10 parts at one time with one vise! If your “to be clamped” feature varies greatly or the part demands greater accuracy then consider employing an automated Probing System which can locate your parts in X, Y and Z. 

Repeatability in "Z" (spindle to table) is as perfect as the Repeatability in "Z" of the Moveable Jaw of your vise. All of the Sveconek Jaw Plates are forced flatly against the ways of the vise.