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And Thank You for your interest in Sveconek High Capacity Workholding Systems.  

Sveconek LLC was created to provide the machining industry with a new and novel approach to High Capacity Workholding.  

It was nearly impossible to hold more than 2 parts in a conventional Machinists Vise. It was the goal of Sveconek to overcome this challenge in an affordable, robust, accurate and repeatable way.  We are proud to introduce Sveconek High Capacity Workholding Systems that allow you to accurately and repeatably hold up to 10 parts in your Vise! 

Our History;

  • 20 years of owning and operating a Machining Services Facility.

  • Inventing and successfully bringing to market other mechanical products.

  • A Mechanical Engineering staff that possess over 40 years of Aerospace, High Vacuum Pump, Manufacturing, Machining and Pro Motorcycle Racing related experiences.

Our two year testing program included, but was not limited to, using our systems for every pertinent machining job that came through our shop. And as you know, the parts you and I machine come in all shapes, sizes and materials and, they all possess their own unique needs. Sveconek Workholding Systems performed flawlessly throughout our extensive testing. Our systems held the work as firmly, accurately and repeatably as 2 parts being held in a conventional vise using aluminum jaw plates.  Additionally, the multiple clamping and unclamping operations that occur over a production run proved to be simple to execute and did not diminish the systems performance.

On a personal note, Sveconek is named after my Grandfather and patriarch of our family.  Like so many others during the turn of the previous century, Vladek Swienconek,18 years old, alone and with little more than the clothes on his back, left Poland and boarded a ship headed for the United States.  Once here, he joined the US Army which secured his citizenship and his love and patriotism for the USA.  After his service, he started a family of five kids and a successful wholesale bakery business where he worked his entire life.  Hard work, responsibility, ethics, pride, quality, skill, morality... thought.  With those words echoing in his mind and the occasional request of my childhood mother working by his side  "Doloresa sing me God Bless America"  he found and taught us how to achieve the American Dream. 

In Short, you can Trust Sveconek High Capacity Workholding Systems to do what we promise and what you expect.  We Stake our Family Name on it.

We hope that you find Sveconek High Capacity Workholding Systems extremely beneficial to your machining needs.

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Tim Hopey


Sveconek, expanding your workholding horizons... Ken, we did it!

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