Hold 10 Parts in Your Vise for $199

Hold Multiple Parts in One Vise !

Hold up to 10 parts in your CNC Vise by using our NEW Sveconek High Capacity Workholding System.  Our System is a newly invented CNC Vise Accessory that easily mounts to a Kurt Vise, Kurt DX6, Kurt D688, Jergens Vise, GMT Vise and other workholding vises.  Our Kits are comprised of a series of Jaw Plates that provide unsurpassed Capacity, Versatility and Flexibility to accommodate your ever-changing, multiple part workholding needs.  You can easily add or subtract Jaw Plates to hold the highest quantity of parts that will fit in the max opening of your vise.  

Sveconek High Density Workholding Systems are easy to install and simple to operate.  Simply add our Jaw Plates to your existing vise, load your parts onto our Jaw Plates, tighten your vise handle and an additional screw and enjoy the ease of clamping and unclamping up to ten parts at one time in one vise!  Other multiple part workholding systems require an extensive setup and are labor intensive to use due to the fastening of each part individually. 

We offer our Jaw Plates in 3 categories;  “Stepped” 7075-T651 Aluminum with an integrated step eliminating the need for parallels.,  “Machinable” 7075-T651 Aluminum to be carved "part specific" for those high quantity, repeating jobs., “Machinable” 6061-T6511 Aluminum offered 2 inches high so you can machine “part specific” again and again for your next workholding need.  All of our Aluminum plates are clear anodized for life long protection.

Part Location / Repeatability in XYZ

Repeatability in "X" is realized by machining the Fixed Jaw Plate and the Sveconek Jaw Plates to match and hold your uniquely shaped parts.  The Fixed Jaw Plate dictates its part locations and thus forces the equally machined Sveconek Floating Jaw Plates to follow in line.  Repeatability in "X" when using Sveconek Jaw Plates with our integrated holding step is equal to randomly holding parts using parallels on a conventional vise. Read More...

Professional Services

Sveconek Engineers are happy to assist you with the setup of our 6 inch vise products. We also offer Engineering Services to assist you in finding a customized solution that adapts our High Capacity Workholding to most any size vise or automated workholding system you may have. We’re here to help. Just give us a call 724-256-1275.